How can asset allocation help you?

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It may not be very complicated to determine your financial goal/s – a comfortable retirement, children’s higher education, a new house or a new car, but developing an appropriate asset allocation plan intended to achieve those goals can be. Using online tools like asset allocator can prove to be valuable to reduce volatility and enhance diversification.

While all investments involve risks, including a possible loss of principal, the risk gets proportionally mitigated when allocated prudently. Typically, the greater the potential of the investment, the more the risk involved. Investors should be comfortable with market fluctuations, especially over the short term. Equity investments fluctuate, due to general market conditions. Bond prices generally move inversely to their interest rates. What determines success in long-term investing has been asset allocation. Asset allocation is investing your money in different categories of assets – typically equity, debt and gold, so your investments are well diversified.

The goal of devising a suitable asset allocation plan is to develop a robust investment portfolio that will help you reach your financial objectives in tandem with the risk you find comfortable with. A well-diversified plan may be one of the most effective ways to realize your long-term goals over time.

How can asset allocation help you?

Reduce risk:
Diversifying your portfolio helps spread the investment risk across many different asset classes.

Opportunity to earn long term risk adjusted returns:
Diversifying your investment portfolio helps you improve your chances of participating in market gains and mitigate the impact of poorly performing asset classes on your overall portfolio returns.

Stay focused on your goals:
Diversifying your investments help reduce the urge to time the market and safeguard against market ups and downs.

Thus, asset allocation helps you in improving your chances to earn better long term risk adjusted returns.

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Three steps to the true financial empowerment of women

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Financial empowerment isn’t about how much money you make. Financial empowerment depends on how you control and take power of that income and make life decisions with it.

Here are the steps to the true financial empowerment of women.

Step 1: Educate Yourself

It’s high time women need to take care of their own money and not depend on their husband, father, or brother to manage their income. It’s time to decide how you want to address financial planning and one of the best ways to invest is through mutual funds. It is essential to understand and evaluate your monthly budget based on income – expenses. Remember, once you begin with financial planning, keeping track of your investments is very important. Investing in mutual funds happens to be the simplest way to do so. Mutual funds give a wide variety of online purchase options and help you stay updated as well.

Step 2: Plan and accomplish

As much as taking charge is essential, it is equally important to identify your goals. Financial planning in the early years of your career helps you to gather wisdom and benefit with the power of compounding, and what could be better than Mutual funds! An SIP in Mutual funds is a great way to begin your investment journey. It is advisable to always go for a long-term approach to get optimum output. Be your own advocate and choose your own investment decision. Also, ensure that your investment portfolio is diversified. You know the old trick of not putting all eggs in one basket. Similarly, in Mutual funds portfolio, diversification is essential for combating risks. Do recognize difference between savings and investments before you take steps to invest.

Step 3 : Be empowered, ask for what you need

Taking these steps and applying them will make women a strong force in society, the household and the workplace. Through this process, you will realize that, indeed it is a complex relationship with money. However, you will grow and evolve to be more independent than ever. As much as it is essential to be financially independent, it is equally essential to be emotionally independent. Investing through an SIP in mutual funds schemes is similar to shopping. One of the biggest difference is you get quantified returns instead of qualitative returns. The joy and freedom of being financially empowered are inexplicable. Keep in mind while investing in Mutual funds and your journey with financial planning, you are getting what you need. The important step is to stay invested for a longer tenure.

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What is XIRR and how is it used?

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We use CAGR when we gauge the mutual funds’ performance. When you gauge the value of your investments, you use XIRR. So if you are doing an SIP every month you will require XIRR to evaluate what money you have made.

How to calculate XIRR?

To calculate XIRR, you will require three essential attributes. Date, Cash Flow and Portfolio Value.

XIRR can be easily calculated using Microsoft Excel. Excel provides an inbuilt function to calculate XIRR.

XIRR formula in excel is:= XIRR (value, dates, guess)

This, will give you your own XIRR. Your money management abilities – adding & withdrawal of investments – are then going to be calculated through your XIRR.

You can use XIRR over time and check how your investments have fared.

Limitations of XIRR

XIRR has certain limitations as it overemphasizes cash flows. For instance, your cash flows may not match the market momentum. If you happen to invest in the month when the market is at low and by the end its peak, then your XIRR will be marginal. Your XIRR will be overshadowed because you added money when the market was high, thus receiving lesser units.

Thus, XIRR is your asset allocation or cash-flow based return. You might need it to see how well your investment has performed.

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Two Reasons Why You Need Sharepoint Consultants To Best Understand How The Microsoft Project Works

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Microsoft Project is a project management software program developed by Microsoft to help companies in:
- Developing plans
- Assigning tasks
- Overseeing the budget
- Managing resources
- Tracking the progress of the whole project in a better manner

Its newest version, Microsoft Project 2010, comes with a synchronisation option with Microsoft SharePoint – a fact that has pleased a lot of project managers all over the world. The combined power of Microsoft Project’s powerful servers and capacities and SharePoint’s project management functionality – can be instrumental in making significant progress in all the companies that rely on these software applications.

Companies that have been using MS Project 2007 and are not very familiar with the way the new MS Project works can have the assistance they need from SharePoint consultants. These professionals can help walk you through the process of using Microsoft Project and ensure that you get the most out of it.

If you’re hesitant about hiring SharePoint consultants to help you deal with MS Project, the following reasons may convince you of the wisdom and logic of that action:

1. MS Project 2010 is built on SharePoint 2010. The new Microsoft Project is built on SharePoint 2010, unlike its earlier version. This means that a full SharePoint installation is necessary to enjoy the full benefits of this software program’s updated version. Thinking you’ll just wing it and see if you’re going to be comprehending SharePoint without technical assistance is just too much of a bargain, and a losing one.

SharePoint consultants can easily set up the process for you, and eliminate the hassles that you may be facing – if you choose to take on your company’s initial SharePoint installation by yourself. Though hiring SharePoint consultants would naturally be not cost-free, it can ultimately turn out to be the more cost-effective action. Choosing to deal with SharePoint installation without proper knowledge and training can easily be a disaster, waiting to happen.

2. They can train your staff. The addition of more technical skills that your staff can learn – can only mean good things for your company. SharePoint and Project’s integration is already paving the way to a new future for project management. Being in the know would give your company the edge it needs to make sure that it stays ahead of the competition. SharePoint consultants would be able to give your staff a course on understanding and using Microsoft SharePoint.

They can be instrumental to the delivery of better results. Microsoft Project 2010 is getting quite a pleasant reception from the whole industry. And, SharePoint consultants can help you see easily why. They can share their competence and expertise with your company, and help you manage projects and tasks better.

Thankfully, there are plenty of companies today that house a very good team of SharePoint consultants. A few minutes spent on the Web for research would help you identify these companies, and taking the time to look into each SharePoint consultancy prospect more carefully would guarantee that you would truly be getting your money’s worth.

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Computer Security Consulting: Is It The Career For You?

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What motivates people who decide to enter computer security consulting as a first or subsequent career? Could it be the variety of work, with no two days the same? Could it be the promise of avoiding the dead hand of corporate culture and the possibility of working for themselves? Or is it just the technical challenge of constantly having to find new solutions to problems they’ve never seen before? Whatever the reason, there has always been a steady trickle of new recruits to the world of computer security consulting, and that trickle is getting larger as the field of information security matures.

An IT security consultant needs an unusually wide skill-set. From cryptography to firewall configuration to human resources management, the world of information security is both specialised and surprisingly broad. This means, of course, that those embarking on computer security consulting need to pick a sub-field and specialise in it. There are several possible niches in IT security, but they include the following.

- A penetration tester probes an organisation’s computer and network defences, in order to discover vulnerabilities and recommend corrective action. Although widely seen as a technically challenging job, it can in fact be tedious and lacking in variety at times.

- A network security consultant will set up or review an organisation’s computer networks and devices (e.g. firewalls, routers). This career path demands very specific skills, and would not normally be recommended for someone with no experience of administering networks.

- An information security auditor will review an organisation’s entire information security arrangements, possibly analysing them in terms of ISO 27001, the international standard for information security. Although requiring less in the way of in-depth technical skills, this career path requires a certain amount of people management skills and experience of different types of organisation. It also includes far more than computer security, covering as it does the information security aspects of people, paper documents and physical security arrangements.

- Another sub-field of computer security consulting is the interim information security manager, who is called upon, often at short notice, to “fill a gap” in a company for a relatively short period. This can be either to bridge the gap between permanent employees, or else to take on a separate project on a part-time basis. This career path demands extensive experience of management, as well as the ability to get up to speed on a project extremely quickly.

- A business continuity consultant will help a firm to develop and implement a business continuity plan, which will be called upon in the event of a disruption to the business. Naturally, computer security forms part of this, but a much wider skill-set is required, as well as extensive experience of businesses of all kinds.

It is clear that a huge variety of skills could potentially be deployed in computer security consulting, as well as significant experience of businesses, people, and life in general. This is not a career path for those who prefer an easy ride! However, for the right person, it can provide more stimulation, challenge, and variety than many careers that are more commonly seen.

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The Role of Pharma Consulting

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Recently many pharma companies are fighting for their survival, especially the startups. This is the reason the growth of the pharma consulting is at its peak today. In this case, the only way to survive is to go for this. With this, many companies are able to transform all these. This is mainly because of the transformation that the drug development as well as commercializing of them is concerned. This is to avail the right business strategies for companies. This is with the expertise gained in the industry that many biotech companies are able to find the right way to be seen.

This is the ability to execute the insights that the companies have with where they project to go in the coming months as well as years. This is mainly because only the biotech consultant has the ins and outs of the business; a task that is uphill for just any consulting firm. This is the reason because the experience gained in this field allows the consulting firm to be at par with market requirements.

The biotech consultant will be able to leverage the unique vantage pint gained through all this. The companies need to have people who have the experience that has come through the many years of the field. This is to mean that the development as well as commercialization of the data sets as well as the wealth of the therapeutic expertise that has been able to span from all over the globe. Here, you will be able to have the right way to have ideas turned into actions.

With pharma consulting, you will be able to have the chance of improving the operation as well as efficiently be able to improve the operational costs as well as the outcomes that come with this. As well, you need to ensure that there is optimization of the pipeline value as well as the ROI. As well, you will be able to have the improvements become real foe the regulation by the government and its agencies. This is to mean that the FDA will be able to pass the right kind of correct analysis for the company. With this, you will be able to have the reduction of the hedge risks such as infrastructural costs. This is the way you could be able to move from a bright insight to correct execution of the strategies taken up by the company.

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Web Marketing Consultancy: A Solution to Your Web Marketing Needs

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Marketing is a key function of any business enterprise. Business enterprises exist to serve customers and consequently earn rewards in the form of profit. These involves product design, product branding, product packaging, product publicity, product promotion, product selling and delivery. Internet has radically changed the way we interact, communicate and generally the way we live. In this revolution, marketing has not been left behind. A kind of marketing that has come up to fit into this new revolution is known as web marketing.

Web marketing refers to use of the web as a resource for marketing purposes. Any marketing strategy and plan must be able to meet the ’4P’ of marketing. That is Product, Price, Promotion and Place. Internet, being a recent concept, is a challenge to many business enterprises that have always used the traditional mode of marketing.

Beginning with the first of the ’4P’, that is, Product, you will find that products offered on the web are basically intangible. For example, you want to buy a pizza or a chair on the web, you won’t be able to find them in their physical form, yet you have to buy. Therefore, the web product must be packaged in such a manner that enhances the look and feel that customers would have otherwise enjoyed had they visited a physical supermarket. This requires special marketing techniques.

The next ‘P’ is the price. Factors that determine price include cost of advertisement, publicity, selling and delivery. How do you price in a situation where your advertisement bill depends on the number of clicks per product? How do you reflect the cost of delivery to clients whose geographical location is scattered all over the globe and so unpredictable? This makes pricing of web-based products to be so complex and thereby defines the complexity of marketing.

The second last ‘P’ which is promotion and which encompasses publicity and advertising is another complex phenomenon. Promotion over the web is usually done through various ways, the most common being through search engines such as Google. Unlike the traditional bill boards which can be numbered, web advertising can be done on millions of sites which fluctuate randomly. How would you be able to assess the impact of your promotion in such a volatile situation? That becomes a big challenge. This and many other such challenges require professional help which can be availed through Web Marketing Consultancy.

The last ‘P’ which refers to place is a very important part of marketing. Place in this case, refers to where the product is delivered. With web marketing, the product can be delivered through hundreds, or thousands or even millions of web sites. This too is volatile and fluctuates very fast. How are you able to tell how many shopping sites your product has been assigned by Google? How can you monitor such? These are some of the challenges faced by web marketers.

To overcome this challenge of how to deal with internet which is increasingly hooking up a lot of potential clients, Web Marketing Consultancy becomes necessary. Web Marketing Consultancy is a professional service rendered by Marketing Consultants. They are professionals engaged in devising the best marketing plan that ensures not only that the product reaches the web market but satisfies the needs of ’4P’.

Many business enterprises are in a transitional period, trying to enter into a market that had previously been unknown and whose dynamics are unpredictable. To make sure that a business enterprise reaps maximum gains in this market, Web Marketing Consultancy becomes a key to success.

Rick Holden is Brand Consultant Farham and Web Marketing Consultant Farnham who has many years of practicing experience. He rendered Brand Consultancy services to many business enterprises seeking to establish a web marketing presence. Currently, he is engaged in disseminating knowledge on web products branding and web marketing to general public through the internet service. Rick has also done extensive research about the effects of branding on web marketing and this wealth of knowledge has benefited many clients that have been served.

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Recruitment Consultant: How To Be A Good One

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Finding the right candidate for the jobs that your client needs is the sole purpose that recruitment companies are used, and it is the job of the consultant to do this effectively.

Essential for any good recruitment consultant is the ability to build, maintain and strengthen relationships with client companies.

The best consultant will have a good understanding of the requirements for a company’s recruitment needs and they can recognise the right candidates for the job that is on offer.

Providing advice to both candidates and clients, the recruitment consultants know about career opportunities, salary levels and training requirements.

A good recruitment consultant must…

Have the ability to listen and understand human nature, understanding what a client wants is the first step to successful recruiting

Be proactive and adaptive, if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again, have a plan B.

Be resilient- as a recruitment consultant you will have good days and bad days, one day a company may be recruiting heavily and sales will be high. On the other side of the coin bad days in any business are a certainty, a good consultant can turn negatives into positives.

Be competitive-The recruitment industry is highly competitive but can be highly rewarding. Be competitive and you will reap the benefits.

Do what you say you’re going to do- In order to maintain your candidates and your clients relationship you must build trust, if you say you will do something stick to it.

Go the extra mile for your client. Strengthen your business relationship with the client by having a clear understanding of the challenges and motivations that they have.

Negotiate. Another essential part of being a recruitment consultant is knowing how to decide the salary and pay rates.

Ultimately client companies are looking for an originality that sets you apart from other recruiters. Be sure to have a unique and refreshing image that is balanced with the view that you are also professional and reliable.

Good recruitment consultants will strive for perfection no matter how successful they may already be. Recognising how to maintain strong bonds between client and company is the vital ingredient.

Always continue to find new ways of being both imaginative and creative because sometimes things won’t work but if you take risks, you will reap the fruits later.

Remember you’re a clients answer to cupid, shoot the right arrows at the right candidates and create the perfect match. Be a forward-thinking and proactive company so that you can find the best talent regarding both your business, and the client’s business growth.

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Business Consultant – Outstanding Ways to Make Money by Being a Business Consultant

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More and more entrepreneurs are seeking the help of business consultants in growing their business. They rely on these people for unbiased feedback and suggestions as to how to improve their processes and boost their revenue.

If you have a thriving business and if you want to share your techniques, you can make money by being a business consultant. Don’t worry because this is not your typical 9am-5pm job. You will still have a direct control over your working hours while you earn hefty cash. These days, business consultants are earning as much as $12,000 – $25,000 per client.

Here’s how you can make money by being a business consultant:

1. Sell yourself and advertise your services. The only way to make money from this endeavor is to get your potential clients to sign up. Start by selling yourself as someone who is extremely knowledgeable on your chosen field. How to do that? Well, you can share a piece of your expertise on article submission sites, on blogs, and on your own website. The more valuable information you share, the higher your chances of earning the trust of your potential clients. Then, advertise your consulting business using PPC advertising, banner ads, paid links, and banner ads. You can also talk about your service through relevant forums, blogs, and social networking sites that are often visited by your target market.

2. Know the job description. Before you sink your teeth into this field, make sure that you know what your clients expect to get from you. Aside from your advices, these people might also need a hand in their marketing strategies, customer service, product improvement, branding, leadership, etc. Make sure that you have in-depth knowledge about these things in order to give your clients great value for their money.

3. Personalize your services. Although you might be serving people with the same goal (to grow their business), these people might be requiring different information and assistance so do not offer them with generic services. Get to know their problems and the things that they are struggling with and offer them with consulting service that really match their needs.

4. Offer more. You’ll easily be able to make a lasting mark on this field if you strive to make your clients extremely happy. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them more than their money’s worth. Go out of your way and make sure that they have everything they will ever need in growing their business even without them asking.

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How to Choose Your Infertility Consultant

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Infertility is a $4 billion dollars a year industry. Nobody has your best interests at heart. You need an advocate to walk beside you, warning you of financial and medical pitfalls and giving you the tools you need to make the best decisions for you and your family

There aren’t any guidelines or rules about who can become an infertility consultant and you have a number of different choices. How do you know which infertility consultant is the best fit for you?

Education matters
Many women have experienced infertility and find they want to encourage others on the same journey. However, many infertility consultant do not have any education or formal training in women’s reproductive health or infertility.

No Biases
Make sure your infertility consultant does not accept marketing money from doctors – even if it is for a good cause on the side. How can you trust a referral once you know the doctor just made a hefty donation to her cause?

Respect is earned
Because you don’t just need someone who keeps you company. You need someone that other doctors, health care providers and fertility partners know, trust and have seen evidence of their ability over time.

Read their work
Just because someone says they are knowledgeable doesn’t make it so. Can you go read their books to verify their credentials? Can you read reviews of their research or publications?

Fees are reasonable
You can easily find out prices and the fees are within a typical couple’s ability to pay. Some infertility consultants are only for those with deep pockets. Be wary of services that cost more than a cycle of IVF.

Infertility consultants do not determine a client’s treatment plan, but once a plan is determined, My Fertility Plan consultants can help facilitate the treatment plan set by your doctor by sourcing donors, surrogates, or other professional resources. My Fertility Plan consulting also provide a Risk-Benefit analysis to help determine chances of success for a given treatment option.

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